actionless registration

doyenist is a student attendance tracking software for higher education institutions

It registers students in classes without any additional equipment or actions 

doyenist detects when a student is present in the class and registers them automatically

It, also, comes with unique features and a range of benefits 

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Save Time and Money

Tracking Student Attendance costs time and money


lost hours per year of teaching*

£37,500 - £90,000

monetary cost per year per institution*

doyenist introduces actionless student registration

Students are automatically registered every time they attend a class
No time waste!

* for more information, please consult the presentation and the document below



Mobile Application

doyenist lives in the mobiles of the students. They self-register to active teaching sessions

No Additional Equipment

No GPS coverage,
no specialised equipment needed


The mobile application can be branded using the colors and the logo of the institution

Tutor Tools

doyenist provides a real-time overview of where the students sit in the classroom

Device Neutral

doyenist is friendly to iOS, Android, Windows and macOS


Translatable into any language


Extensive set of reports for a range of use (VISA Compliance, student punctuality, freelancer invoicing, etc.)


Benefits for Tutors


Real-time view of the class sitting

Tutors can see where the students sit in the room. It eliminates the need to memorise the names. Additional information can be shared by the administration


Student Details

Tutors can have information about the overall student performance (Depends on accessibility permissions and integration with SIS)

Benefits for Freelancers


Accurate logging of Teaching Sessions

Freelancers now confirm their invoices by accessing doyenist’s reports of teaching sessions

Benefits for Students


Real-time view of attendance

Students can check their attendance in real-time



Notifications from administration

Notifications about low attendance and relevant messages can be pushed directly to their mobiles 

Benefits for Institutions


Accurate attendance information

Reports with accurate attendance information


Notifications from administration

Notifications about low attendance and relevant messages can be pushed directly to their mobiles 


resource planning based on real data

Reports with real required capacity per classroom per module


Brand building via the mobile application

Having their own branded mobile application, institutions can enhance their brand and student loyalty


alternative revenue streams

Retailers can offer vouchers and discounts to students who use doyenist (marketplace). Institutions can earn comission on this


Easy Compliance With Tier-4 Requirements

doyenist knows when your students attended their classes and can produce reports to help you comply with Tier-4 and other requirements

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The Market Opportunity


Customer Profile

The primary customers are institutions in higher education.

Secondary customers can be any organisations that require attendance tracking (e.g. schools, conferences, etc.)


UK Higher Education

165 Public Educational Institutions

£18.87 Billion Revenue

2.34 Million Students

217,580 Academic Staff


World-Wide Higher Education


Where we are Now

We have developed the desktop application and most of the back-end server 


Our Next Step

We are seeking funds to:

  • complete the development of the server application
  • develop the mobile software
  • run user tests

Where we are Now


Our Timeline

We started working on this project two years ago and we have built an Alpha version of the client application and a prototype of the server

You can see our progress in the following image


Our next steps

We are raising funds to complete the development of doyenist and prepare it for the market:

  • Move the server to Beta testers by June 2020
  • Release the application to Beta testers by June 2020
  • Approach Production level by October 2020



Our team

John Kouraklis

Founder/CEO/Lead Developer/Investor John has been working as senior lecturer in higher education in the UK. Before this, he has worked as software developer and business development manager in software companies. He is the author of two books in computer programming

John Mantikas

Marketing/Financial Advisor/Investor John is a business leader with extensive experience in management in the banking sector and higher education institutions. Previously, John worked in the high profile banks and managed operations in 25 countries

Anastasiya Trayanova

Digital Project Manager/Investor Anastasiya has delivered a number of digital projects and has a wealth of knowledge in client and stakeholder management. She has extensive knowledge of system integrations and system migration in corporate environment

Ailson De Moraes

Educational Advisor/Educator/Investor As an educator, Associate Professor in Strategy and International Business and International Speaker, Ailson has inspired generations of students and adults to change their lives and achieve their personal and business goals. He is the author of several books and Investor in start-ups.

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